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What is Reiki?

REI - means universal, godly, cosmic, KI - means energy, prana, vital force, Reiki is the all pervading divine energy through which the entire living and nonliving world has come into being. We can easily say that all of us are made of reiki and exist in a pool of reiki. Reiki energy is spiritual energy which is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent energy. This means that reiki is all knowing, full of all possibilities and present everywhere.

The human body is like a magnet. The magnet is characterised by its magnetic field. The magnet and the magnetic field are inseparable. Each and everything in the universe is like this magnet i.e. living and nonliving have both a physical body and a field body. This field in reiki language is called an aura. It is absolutely imperative to nourish and take care of both the physical and the auric body. Just like the magnet and its field the human body and auric body are inseparable. The physical body needs physical life force that comes through food, water, air and rest. The energy body needs spiritual energy to sustain. Since every element in the universe has a physical body and a corresponding auric body hence reiki which is spiritual energy. If the auric body is healthy the physical body will automatically be healthy as the energy disturbances of high level in the auric body manifest as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual diseases.

The reiki practitioner is just a channel (pipe) for the reiki energy to flow. A pipe which facilitates the cosmic spiritual energy to flow through his/her hands for his own and other persons healings.

Reiki being the universal energy is not a part of any religion, anybody willing to learn and can practice reiki. It does not require faith in any particular religion. Reiki makes the experience of the religion being practiced by the reiki practitioner deeper..

Reiki is the cosmic life force around and flowing in us. Reiki is used to heal the body, mind and soul. Reiki can be given to everything/anything- living or nonliving, past traumatic events, goals that we want to achieve, can be used to build protection shields. Reiki is successfully done on ourselves and others too. Reiki gives immense symptotic relief and finally causative relief when given regularly.

Reiki works by its own intelligence, it being divine consciousness never does any harm, it is always helpful to give reiki.

The reiki is started in the hands of the student by a process called initiation. The chakras of the student are aligned or cleared so as to strengthen the connection with the universal energy. This opens the reiki channelling ability in the student. The student is taught how to work with the energy flowing from his hands, the reiki body positions , reiki healings , protection shields etc.

About Reiki

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