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About Me

Hi I am Garima. I am a science graduate and a Chartered Accountant. I learnt my first level of reiki in 2004. The motivation to learn were the healings that i wanted to do in the family and friends. I kept practicing and learning the higher levels of reiki. I finally did my reiki master course in the year 2008.

When I started practicing reiki, the healings began to give results but still it was not easy to believe in something that is not tangible. Since I am a science graduate and used to approach everything very logically hence it was tough to accept something merely on the basis of faith.

So there began my exploration of the phenomenon called reiki. I went and attended many other healing and energy courses other than reiki. These courses and reiki helped me enhance my understanding of the energy world around us and correlate it scientifically. Luckily my teachers were such that they helped answer a lot of questions. This spirit of wonder and exploration still forms the basis for my reiki course content and classes.

I have been teaching reiki for the past few years. The batches for degree I, II and III are held regularly. Reiki Master courses are held on request.

About Reiki

Reiki as we all have heard commonly is a hands laying technique to heal self and others.. Animals and human have always needed to be touched in times . .

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Reiki Course

Get the details on 'The Reiki Course Content'. Learn Reiki Degree I, II, III and Master Level.

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Reading Corner

Titles and reviews of books that I feel cover essential aspects of Reiki Practices and Teachings...

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