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Health front is improving. Good time to pick up a new skill. Learn something new to open the wealth avenues. Positive efforts and thoughts bear fruit.


Think positive and let go of negative thoughts. Your loved ones need your time so be with them. Seek guidance and path from an experienced mentor and then decide.


Be strong and hold onto your belief. A new job or home is on the cards. A new opportunity is knocking on your door. Be vigilant to grasp it.


The worst is behind you and you are protected from harm. You are looking at new insights and these will help you move forward. Take out time for yourself and take good care of yourself.


This is wish upon a star time for you. A phase is coming to an end and you will move forward. Use your spiritual gifts awaken others and help them follow their dreams.


Take care of the health of loved ones. Travel is on the cards. Life is taking a new turn and new conditions and circumstances are developing. Be adaptable to the changes happening.


Listen to your intuition; your prayers are being answered. Keep working for your goals and wait for miracles to happen. Share your blessings with others.


Prosperity is coming to you. Listen to your heart. Indulge in regular yoga and exercise. Visualize your aspirations and see them fulfilled.


Marriage is on the cards for the eligible. A new home, place of work or a new chance at work is possible. You are a spiritual teacher use your gifts to help others.


The others around may feel jealous of you , please keep working towards your goal. Peace and happiness prevails around you. All your desires can come true provided you visualize right.


Wait and look for better options. Meditate regularly to gain a better perspective of situations. Keep working diligently on tough issues. Resolutions are around the corner.


Education, school and learning takes a priority now whether for yourself or for your kids. If you are confused about a situation do not be in a hurry to take a call on that. Certain disturbing events may happen ,but do not let your faith take a fall.

About Reiki

Reiki as we all have heard commonly is a hands laying technique to heal self and others.. Animals and human have always needed to be touched in times . .

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