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The Reiki Course Content


Degree I (Basic Healer)

    Scan and heal the physical and auric body
    Experiments to understand the basic principles of energy
    Living the Spirit of reiki
    Understand the impact of food, crystals, objects and thoughts on aura
    Healing positions for Reiki on body parts and chakras
    introduction to crystals and their properties

In the degree I main stress is on understanding the laws of energy and reiki level I information. Anything that is to be healed has to be in physical vicinity of the reiki practitioner. Level I is lots of fun as it includes a lot of practical experiments on (auric / energy body) aura, how it interacts with the environment around us. The power of human mind /positive & negative thoughts and the group consciousness –how it works. The reiki body positions for self healing and healing of others.

Degree II Advanced Healer

    Distance Healing,
    3 powerful Reiki symbols, wish manifestation techniques, protection shields
    The Psychic diet and the mind power
    Tantra , Mantra and Yantra applied to reiki
    Uses of Crystals and pyramids in Reiki

The second degree consists of the understanding of how the psychic symbol science works in terms of Tantra, yantra and mantra. What is psychic negativity. What are the levels from which we can heal goals/ wishes in life. The 3 reiki symbols explained. We do experiments to understand the energies of each symbol. The reiki practitioner learns to do use the power symbol, mental symbol and the distance healing symbol. Uses of reiki II in goal manifestation/ wish fulfilment, protection shield creation, healing unwanted habits.

Degree III

    Powerful Dr. Usui’s Masters symbol
    Psychic Surgery, Crystal grid healing
    Higher Wish fulfillment techniques
    Treating black magic/ psychic attack and making Powerful protection shields
    Muscle response for understanding the impact of various objects on the bod
    Other Reiki and non reiki symbols &Chakra meditation

The third degree consist of very effective advanced techniques. Psychic surgery ie surgery done at the level of auric body.Powerful energy patterns are created by using Crystal Grids and the energy can be then used for achieving multiple goals/healings the same time. Higher wish fulfilment techniques.Identifying and treating black magic . Science of muscle response to know the suitability of various things for yourself. A few more reiki symbols and other symbols are covered

Reiki symbols used in the initiation, The process of initiation and teaching reiki to others for all four levels explained and practised. Karuna Reiki symbols

About Reiki

Reiki as we all have heard commonly is a hands laying technique to heal self and others.. Animals and human have always needed to be touched in times . .

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Reiki Course

Get the details on 'The Reiki Course Content'. Learn Reiki Degree I, II, III and Master Level.

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Reading Corner

Titles and reviews of books that I feel cover essential aspects of Reiki Practices and Teachings...

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